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Dried Floret Box

Dried Floret Box

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Vase style

A DIY dried flower box delivered right to your door for you to build your own dried arrangement at home. All you will need is a pair of scissors, pruners for harder stems, everything else (including 1 x bottle/vase) will be delivered in the box. 

There are two sizes: 

  • Petite $60 plus tax. Includes a bottle. 
  • Plus $75 plus tax. Includes a larger vase and of course more dried florals. 

Every order you will receive a selection of dried florals, every order is different which adds to the fun! In each order you will receive 1 bottle, you can choose to purchase another vase as there definitely will be left overs in dried florals. Your arrangement should last a few years!

In notes, let us know if you'd like a beige, pink, or designer's choice colour scheme. 

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