Who is Thyme Studio?

Thyme Studio is your one-stop shop for all your floral needs. We specialize in crafting dreamy, unconventional, off-beat arrangements through seasonal florals. We have grab & go bouquets, customizable bouquets, and our Floret Boxes for you to unleash your creativity. 

How did Thyme Studio start?

Nas was due to get married at the Toronto City Hall and she needed a bouquet. She knew nothing about flowers and didn’t quite know where to go to get them. To much of her joy, Kwan jumped at the occasion and offered to create a bouquet for her. Nas was so happy and almost didn’t believe that Kwan created such a beautiful bouquet. Always having a business mind, Nas immediately said you should do this as a business. That was the birth of Thyme Studio.


The Team

Kwan Rujira

Creative Director


Kwan’s love for flowers has always been a thing but it became official when she asked if we could create a bouquet for Nas’ civil wedding here in Toronto. She hasn’t stopped since and has created some amazing bouquets for brides all over the GTA. If she isn’t creating anything with flowers, she is most likely watching Kwan Doraemon (must google if you don’t know what show this is).

Nas Neufeld

Director of Operations and Business Development


Nas stumbled into the floral business when her husband proposed to her. To much of her joy, Kwan created her bridal bouquet for her civil wedding here in Toronto and that was the birth of Thyme Studio. Nas, coming from an events background, fully manages the company to ensure visions and budgets are met while ensuring everyone is smiling in the process. In her free time, she enjoys a sour beer and spending time with her husband and her pup.

Off Suriya



Off has always been a designer at heart. His eye for architectural structures and drawings is like no other. In his free time, he is a professional tattoo artist (check out his Instagram @imprfctnst.studio) or spoiling our very own Kwan ( the wifey).