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Wild Meadow (Pre-Order Only)

Wild Meadow (Pre-Order Only)

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This item is available for pre order, please email us at least one week in advance to place your order.

A large wild floral piece arranged in a clear vase.   Perfect for styling an event or a grand gesture.

(Vase cannot be substituted) 

Approximate measurements with florals are: 24”w by 22”h

Choose between the following colour schemes (below is a rough guideline of colours, does not guarantee you will receive all the colours)

  • Muted Vintage Colours (Cream, golden mustard, burnt orange, burgundy)
  • Neutral (White, sand, blush, green, sage)

Please note that the final product may be different from actual photos due to floral availability.

If there are any special requests, feel free to write it in the checkout box and we’ll try our best to accommodate. 


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